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Instant Gazebo! 10-ft. Offset Umbrella with Mosquito Netting
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Instant Gazebo! 10-ft. Offset Umbrella with Mosquito Netting

One of our Best Reviewed and Quickest Shipping Umbrellas! This 10 ft. Offset Umbrella creates instant shelter from insects and sun and makes an inviting gazebo for an intimate party setting! The umbrella has a 10-foot square spun-poly canopy with a vented top for stability from strong breezes and makes a perfect addition by the pool or spa or on the patio. Try adding this umbrella to larger outdoor dining tables that don't accommodate umbrellas or have hard-to-reach umbrella holes. The umbrella also has 7-foot high mosquito netting that attaches to the top with zippers; the mosquito net lowers in seconds for an insect-free area. This mosquito net stakes to the ground and features zippered panels for easy access to the interior. Enjoy family meals or conversation with friends under the cool bug-free shade of this Offset Umbrella. This umbrella rotates in either direction but is not adjustable in height. The frame is created for pavers to fit in perfectly which will anchor the umbrella. Pavers not included. While you may fold up this umbrella with the netting sides still attached it will be quite bulky. We recommend removing the netting sides before folding up the umbrella for storage.Please note: Concrete blocks/pavers to weigh the base down are NOT included with this umbrella. We recommend that each concrete block weighs at least 50 pounds and measures 18 x 18 inches. Paving stones can be double-stacked to provide 400 pounds of weight - this is recommended for windy areas. Paving stones can be purchased at most hardware or garden stores. We do not recommend mounting this umbrella to a deck or any other surface.
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