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5' x 6' Universal Walk-In Closet Organizer
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5' x 6' Universal Walk-In Closet Organizer

Five easy steps for selection and installation1. Measure your closet for length (wall-to-wall) width (wall-to-door opening) and height (floor-to-ceiling) All closet organizers will need to be cut to size2. Select your closet design style and finish (when applicable)3. Remove existing closet fixtures repair walls if necessary and paint walls prior to the installation of the new organizer4. Measure and mark location of wall studs and secure rail to studs5. Cut shelves if necessary to size and install for completion HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT SIZE - this walk-in closet organizer covers 6 feet on one wall and 5 feet on the adjacent wall. As long as you have at least this much interior wall space the system will work. If the back wall is less than 6 feet it is very easy to simply cut the mounting rail and shelves to fit your exact measurements. That is what the professional installers do. You won't even notice that the ends have been cut because they will generally be snug against the wall. A hack saw takes care of the metal parts and a circular saw takes care of the wood shelves if that is what you order. If your closet is slightly larger than these dimensions you will simply have open space between the end of the shelving and the wall.Don't worry...this freedomRail closet system is super easy to install! The instructions you will receive actually say Step one you're almost done! You can even add additional components in the future without having to buy a whole new system.Everything begins with the mounting rail. This is what you do:1. Measure up 84 inches from the floor and pencil a level line at this height.2. Place the rail on the wall so the line is visible through the mounting holes. Make a circle at each hole. NO need to align the holes with studs. The system includes anchors & screws.3. Drill each hole with a 5/16 inch drill bit.4. Tap the plastic anchors into each hole (each hole is 8 inches apart) then place the rail over the anchors and twist in several screws to hold the rail.5. Insert and tighten all screws with a power drill until the anchor tightens into a ball behind the drywall. Place cover stickers over each screw head.The uprights simply hang on the rail that you just installed! From here you complete the installation by attaching the brackets rods and shelves at the appropriate intervals. That's it. The beauty of this closet organizer system is that it is so flexible. You can adjust the shelves horizontally based on your wardrobe and storage needs. Additional accessories such as drawers and O box shelves are available. Just add what you need!Enjoy your new closet and feel good knowing that you did it yourself!Ladies Walk-In Closet Organizer (Detailed Information) Total Shelving Space: 24 ft.Total Hanging Space: 10 ft.Shelf Depth: 12 in.
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