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Basic RainReserve Diverter System
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Basic RainReserve Diverter System

One of the greenest rain diverter kits on the market the Basic RainReserve Diverter System is a high-performance kit designed to enhance your current rain barrel setup or to simply fill an open barrel or tank. This diverter system attaches to any standard (2- x 3-inch) downspout and catches the water you want while keeping out the debris you don't. The result is a ready supply of recycled rain water to nourish your lawn and garden.This rain diverter is constructed with thick-walled UV-resistant hybrid corn plastic that is made to last through years of use. This material and the open design make the diverter able to withstand extreme rainfalls freezes and debris. Dual outlet ports allow for parallel filling of two rain barrels if desired. The design allows for large debris to bypass the tank or barrel and an internal feature further reduces debris before the water flows into your rain barrel. The diverter can be attached to your home using one of two methods: brick or direct connect. An access door allows for quick and easy annual maintenance.One of the most convenient features of the Basic RainReserve Diverter System is its 5-foot-long tubing. The extra length and flexibility allow you to place your rain barrel in the position that is most convenient such as away from your foundation to ease flood concerns. The 1-inch internal diameter of the tube maximizes water flow and the opaque color inhibits organic growth.You can use this rain reservation system with any size rain barrel or tank with a standard 2- x 3-inch downspout. The use of expansion kits and daisy chain kits can further increase water storage capacity and save even more money on your utility bills. This system is made in the USA and carries a one-year manufacturer's warranty. Partial proceeds from your purchase support a non-profit organization called Sustain Dane that focuses on environmental sustainability.About RainReserve/EnginuityRainReserve was developed in 2005 by Sustain Dane a non-profit organization in Madison Wis. committed to creating sustainable communities and promoting environmental responsibility. Sustain Dane partnered with Enginuity LLC an environmentally conscious engineering and custom manufacturing company based in Hartville Mo. to enhance manufacture and distribute single- and tandem-tank RainReserve Diverter Kits. RainReserve products are one of the highest quality and most affordable products of their kind and they're manufactured with minimal negative impact on the environment.
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