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Beltronics STi-Remote
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Beltronics STi-Remote

The Beltronics STi Driver is the most advanced SuperWide radar and laser detector made today!The latest innovation from Bel has arrived. The STi-R remote radar/laser detector uses TotalShield technology that makes this unit invisible to police radar detectors including the VG-2 VG-4 Spectre II and Spectre III. Radar Roy is testing this unit now and will have a review soon. Preliminary results are favorable. Bel has taken the best parts of the STi-driver and transformed it into a remote detector that will compete with any remote on the market. DETAILSThis remote detector is undetectable to radar detector detectors. Law enforcement will not know you are using a detector.The radar/laser receiver is mounted under the hood and wired into your electrical system.2 front detector antennas are super sensitive and minimize false alerts.The display modules can be mounted in or on your dash.Speaker can be mounted almost anywhere inside your vehicle.Mute and auto-mute audio controlsBrightness control with dark modeOption to turn each Ka segment On or Off.One year limited warranty.Power Requirement12VDC negative groundProgrammable FeaturesDisplayPower-on IndicationVoice AlertsPower-on SequenceSignal Strength MeterAuto muteBrightnessBandsTechnical SpecsOperating bandsX-band: 10:525GHz ± 25 MHzK-band: 24.150 GHz ± 100 MHzKaSW (Super Wide): 34.700 GHz ± 1300 MHzLaser: 904nm 33 MHz bandwidthEach Ka segment can be turned on or offKa1 (33.392 - 33.704) ON or OFFKa2 (33.704 - 33.896) ON or OFFKa3 (33.886 - 34.198) ON or OFFKa4 (34.184 - 34.592) ON or OFFKa5 (34.592 - 34.808) ON or OFFKa6 (34.806 - 35.166) ON or OFFKa7 (34.143 - 35.383) ON or OFFKa8 (35.378 - 35.618) ON or OFFKa9 (35.595 - 35.835) ON or OFFKa10 (35.830 - 35.998) ON or OFFRadar Receiver/Detector Typedual LNA Microwave ReceiverSuperheterodyne Varactor tuned VCOScanning Frequency DiscriminatorDigital Signal Processing (DSP)Laser DetectionQuantum Limited Video Receiver5 Optical Laser SensorsDimensionsDisplay: 1.950 x .666 x .62Control: 1.950 x .425 x .65Radar Receiver: 3.680 x 4.120Speaker: 2.25 x 2.116 x 2.250
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