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Black Bamboo Shag Rug
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Black Bamboo Shag Rug

Now your home can be eco-friendly and fashionable at the same time! Made from environmentally friendly bamboo and cotton fibers the Black Bamboo Shag Rug has an incredibly soft shag pile with a natural sheen similar to cashmere or silk. The bold black color will definitely refresh your home decor with its sophisticated modern flair. Although shag is often thought of as a style of the past there's nothing old-fashioned about the materials used to make this modern area rug. This rectangle area rug is machine-made from an 80% bamboo fiber/20% cotton blend. The backing is made of 100% cotton canvas with natural latex. The lush dense pile consists of 2550 grams of fiber per square meter for superior heft and a plush look and feel. The rug is actually softer and silkier than traditional shag rugs made from wool cotton or synthetic fibers.The Black Bamboo Shag Rug and its manufacturing process are both ecologically friendly. Beginning with the material bamboo is a sustainable resource that grows naturally without the need for pesticides or fertilizers due to an inherent naturally-occurring antifungal antibacterial agent called Bamboo Kun. Once the bamboo fibers are spun into yarn they are hypoallergenic which especially benefits those with sensitive respiratory and skin conditions. The bamboo/cotton blend is also naturally anti-bacterial and antimicrobial which promotes a healthy home environment. This rug is colored using exclusively Azo-free dye which is non-toxic and friendly to the environment.Why this rug is made with Azo-free dye: Azo dyes and pigments are commonly used to color textiles and plastics. Some of the by-products such as chlorinated aromatic amines are toxic and may be potential carcinogens. The European Commission has recently passed directive 76/769EEC which bans the usage of certain Azo dyes for use in any textile or leather product which may come in direct or prolonged contact with the skin or mouth. Also Azo dyes and pigments resist biodegradation under aerobic conditions so they are difficult to remove from an ecosystem.When dying their bamboo shag rugs Anji Moutain Bamboo Rug Company retreats and recycles their dyeing waste water to be used again for the next dyeing process which conserves this valuable natural resource.Sizes offered in this rug:Following are all sizes for this rug. Please note that some may be currently unavailable due to inventory. Also please note that rug sizes may vary by up to 4 inches in dimensions listed.SIZE DIMENSIONS:3 x 5 ft.4 x 6 ft.5 x 8 ft.7 x 10 ft.9 x 12 ft.About Anji Mountain Bamboo Rug Co.Anji Mountain Bamboo rugs and office chair mats are ecologically friendly. Bamboo has a robust root system that generates multiple new shoots for every mature stalk that is harvested. Unlike hardwood that can take decades to grow to a mature height ready for harvest bamboo grows 8-12 feet a year! When you purchase a rug or office mat from Anji Mountain Bamboo Rug Co. you help support the ecologically responsible practice of regulating sustainable bamboo forests instead of clear-cutting old-growth hardwood forests.The dense durable bamboo that Anji Mountain Bamboo Rug Co. uses is carbonized and kiln dried to remove moisture which helps prevent cracking and warping. Because of this process their bamboo rugs and office chair mats are ready to withstand the dry heat of your home or office in the wintertime or the arid climate of those living in the desert and mountains.
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