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Blinder M25 X-Treme
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Blinder M25 X-Treme

Blinder is proud to announce the launch of the M25 X-Treme Laser Jammer. The internal parts have gone through significant upgrades (version J16 software) resulting in the best laser jammer ever. Upgrades include:Includes 2 (plug-in) laser jammer modules (plug-in) interface module Audio and LED (plug-in) alerts power on/off switch leveling device (plug in). M25 X-Treme is ideally suited for front laser jamming on cars and pick up trucks.2 Transceivers with integrated laser detector/jammingAll electronics concealed by epoxySmart new snap-lock for easy replacement of lensesSingle cable connector for easy plug-in to cabin interfaceTransmitter type: 2 X 8 infra red special manufactured jamming diodesDetector type: 2 X 3 IR special manufactured photo diode with amplifierMicroprocessor with stealth jamming technologyOperating Wavelength: 904 nanometersPhysical dimensions: 4 X 2 X .70Power requirements: 16.2 volts How Blinder X-Treme Technology WorksWhen the ignition is turned on the upstart self-test function (STF) will tell you that the BLINDER is ready.BLINDER is on stand-by until a police laser gun or one of the automatic photo laser speed traps hits the car. Now the X-TREME starts to do its job.The Laser Warning System (LWS) tells the driver that a laser gun is operating near him. He may want to slow down.The Infra Red Detectors transmit the incoming laser pulse frequency to the built-in computer. The optimal jamming pulse (APS) is now selected.Because the jamming pulse is transmitted only when the laser gun is active it is now possible to apply an extremely powerful return-jamming pulse signal.The police laser gun or photo trap cannot measure the speed and the driver can continue without a speeding ticket.LegalThere are no federal laws in the U.S.A. that prohibit the ownership and/or operation of laser jammers.However some states have enacted their own laws that do prohibit the ownership and/or use of these devices. These states include: California Nebraska Minnesota Utah Oklahoma Tennessee South Carolina Virginia Colorado Illinois and Washington DC.InstallationProfessional installation is recommended for this unit.
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