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Bounty Hunter Junior Metal Detector
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Bounty Hunter Junior Metal Detector

Can't find it? Send the kids out with this Bounty Hunter Junior Metal Detector. Designed especially for junior detectorists this product is the perfect gift for a young enthusiast. Featuring a special discrimination control it will leave iron and other unwanted items undetected unless you decide otherwise.The Bounty Hunter Junior Metal Detector provides professional-level features in junior size at an affordable price. Your junior detectorist will be entertained for hours hunting for buried treasure. This detector is lightweight ergonomic and has an adjustable shaft to grow with your child and their sense of adventure. The Bounty Hunter Junior's metal-detecting coil is weather-resistant and the control panel includes an easy-to-use intensity meter sensitivity control discrimination control and low-battery indicator.The Bounty Hunter Junior Metal Detector Features:Target Indicator: Provides visual cue of nearing targetPower Control: Reduces electromagnetic interferenceEliminator Control: Eliminates unwanted metals from detectionOne-Tone Audio Feedback: Increases as target nearsLow-Battery Indicator6.5-inch Weather-Resistant Closed CoilAdjustable Shaft: Extends up to 2.25 inchesThe Bounty Hunter Junior Metal Detector Specifications:Depth Detection: 5 inches for coin-size objects; 2 feet for large objectsOperates on Two 9-Volt Alkaline BatteriesVisual Target System: Intensity MeterPreset Ground Balance: Neutralizes the response to ground mineral contentModes of Operation: Motion all-metal mode and progressive discriminationAudio Feedback: Internal speakerLightweight Ergonomic DesignApplicationsKeeping kids busy for hours! Coin ShootingRelicJewelryCache HuntingLocating Property Markers or Household items About Bounty Hunter/First Texas ProductsBounty Hunter metal detectors are made by First Texas Products a company with over 30 years of experience and a list of innovative features and patents within the industry. Bounty Hunter metal detectors are able to discover virtually any metal object in any terrain but they are still surprisingly affordable which allows treasure hunters of any age to join the hunt.
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