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Bushnell Elite 4200 1.5-6x36 Matte Finish Rifle Scope w/Rainguard - FireFly Reticle
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Bushnell Elite 4200 1.5-6x36 Matte Finish Rifle Scope w/Rainguard - FireFly Reticle

Hit your target. Every time!The Bushnell? Elite 4200 1.5-6x36 riflescope with matte finish and FireFly reticle is one of the most innovative dependable and accurate scopes you can carry into the field. It features a Bushnell exclusive: hydrophobic Rainguard? lens coatings that disperse condensation into microscopic specks. That allows you literally to see around moisture!All optical lens surfaces are fully multi-coated too for maximum light transmission and to produce the sharpest of sharp images. In fact the Elite 4200 is the brightest scope in the world period with 95 percent light transmission at 550 nM. The Elite's rugged as well. The ultra-strong one-piece tube is hammer-forged from an aluminum/titanium alloy to give 30 percent more strength than standard aluminum tubes. To prove it the 4200 scope's been tested to withstand at least 10000 rounds of .375 H&H magnum recoil!Finally Bushnell's Elite? 4200 scope offers high magnification and 1.5-6X ZOOM. That means maximum versatility to give you great performance under the most challenging hunting circumstances.If you're a serious hunter the Elite 4200 1.5-6x36mm riflescope truly will do justice to your commitment. It's an ideal scope for most hunting situations.High-performance featuresRainguard? anti-moisture coating; Fully multi-coated optics; Magnum recoil-proof construction; One-piece hammer-forged tube; 100 percent waterproof fog-proof and shock-proof; Dry-nitrogen filled; .25-M.O.A.-or-finer fingertip windage and elevation adjustment with audible click; Elite? bullet-proof warranty No-questions-asked one-year replacement warranty (U.S. only). Get on target and stay on target consistently with the Bushnell? Elite 4200 1.5-6x36 riflescope!FireFly reticle: Developed by Bushnell? engineers especially for the lowest-light hunting situations the patented FireFly reticle illuminates the crosshairs after only a quick 10-second flashlight charge. Unlike battery-powered reticles which often fail at the absolute worst times the FireFly will glow green and you will see your crosshairs against your target. Rainguard? Bushnell's permanent patented hydrophobic (water-repellant) lens coating prevents fogging by causing condensation from rain sleet snow or even your own breath to bead up into much smaller droplets than on standard coatings. Smaller droplets scatter less light which results in a clearer brighter view. With Rainguard? the hunter won't miss the shot of a lifetime because of rain or accidental breathing on an eyepiece.For lens-cleanliness in the field consider pre-moistened lens towelettes.
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