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Camarque Fireback
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Camarque Fireback

Wild horses race across this arched fireback to give your hearth a rustic touch. Its western scene is certain to be admired by your guests. Framed by a simple border it is the perfect decorative piece for your fireplace. Its natural iron construction ensures that it will last for many years. Upgrade your fireplace in fine rustic fashion. Standing at the back of the fireplace the fireback protects the firebrick from damage and radiates hear from the fire out into the room. Add your personal touch or romance and history to your fireplace while improving its function and preserving its brickwork. Fireback Installation: In most cases there is no installation required for a fireback. You simply set the fireback on the floor of the fireplace and then lean it against the back wall of the fireplace. For proper airflow and prevent the fireback from falling forward set a couple of small bricks between the bottom of the fireback and the back wall. A fireback can be easily anchored to the wall with steel anchors and angle bolts. This is sometimes necessary with larger firebacks for additional security or if the back wall of your fireplace slants forward. If the fireback is to be anchored to the wall make sure to use spacers between the fireback and wall to allow for expansion and airflow.
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