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Cambridge CX-5000 Steel Tip Darts
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Cambridge CX-5000 Steel Tip Darts

Make your mark with the power and accuracy of the Cambridge CX-5000 Steel Tip Darts. This set includes everything you need to get started. Inside the solid wood case are two sets of flights and shafts three 80% tungsten barrels three steel tips and a convenient two-in-one dart tool for quick adjustments during play. Choose the weight that best suits your style of play.About Halex/Regent Sports CorpHalex is a well-known dartboard and table tennis brand operating within the Regent Sports Corporation. For over 80 years Halex has been producing top-quality table tennis products. Their 3-Star table tennis ball is the standard in the industry. Halex is also the leading brand in electronic dartboards as well as a leader in table games.For over 60 years Regents Sports Corp has offered excellent value and product innovation. Now a leading manufacturer of sporting goods equipment Regents products range from outdoor games and baseball equipment to basketballs soccer balls footballs and other sports accessories. Regents headquarters is located in Hauppauge N.Y.
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