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Cambridge Outdoor Patio Lamp
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Cambridge Outdoor Patio Lamp

Inspired by old world European street lamps the portable weatherproof Cambridge Outdoor Patio Lamp will be right at home in your front yard. This lamp features your choice of one or four lantern-style lights and your choice of a standard or resin planter base to enhance the display with greenery. For all lamp styles the posts are made from powder-coated aluminum and the lantern globes are unbreakable polycarbonate. The lamps feature a two-level dimming switch and 10-foot grounded cord and plug.The lamps with planter bases features colors that coordinate with the lamp posts. The black planter lamp comes with a cast-iron-colored planter; the white planter lamp comes with a granite-colored planter. Planter lamps are weighted by adding soil and plants. The bases of the standard patio lamp can be weighted by adding 40 lbs of sand. Single-lamp standard and planter lamps stand 80 tall4-lamp standard and planter lamps stand 85 tall
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