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51.5-Inch Camden Terrarium
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51.5-Inch Camden Terrarium

Grow your plants a beautiful atmosphere while adding a charming touch to your home decor. The stained wood and metal frame of the Camden Terrarium will look fantastic in any setting and the removable glass panels offer a lovely view of your foliage. The terrarium is easy to use and comes with a plastic liner so that you can plant directly into it. Venting in the roof of the terrarium allows for a slight air flow in the event that it becomes too humid on the interior.Terrariums provide a unique opportunity to garden under glass during any season. Plant a rainforest desert or woodland arrangement to create your own force of nature. These small greenhouses are warmed by the sun and trap moisture inside to produce a prosperous miniature garden. The distinctive glass windowed containers offers traditional styling and functionality that can be used as a protective showcase for any cherished favorites.
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