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Camouflage Stratolounger Child Recliner
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Camouflage Stratolounger Child Recliner

The Dozydotes Camouflage Stratolounger Child Recliner will blend in with your home decor both because it looks like a miniature version of the adult's and because it is covered in camouflage fabric. Classic padded cushions a reclining back and an extendable foot rest provide full-sized comfort for your child who will love having a chair to call his own. This chair is constructed with a sturdy hardwood frame and a steel reclining mechanism that is fully concealed to prevent pinched fingers.About DozydotesDozydotes' mission is to bring joy to children and confidence to shoppers which Dozydotes achieves by offering exclusive designs and high quality products. The brainchild of experienced mother Rene Campbell and elementary educator Alisa Clark-Slodoba Dozydotes aims to bring smiles to the faces of children and parents alike with fun creative products. Designed with kids in mind Dozydotes recliner chairs are miniature versions of the real thing and are equally attractive meaning your child will have a custom-sized chair that will look great in your home.
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