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Camouflage Stripe Teen Sleeper Chair
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Camouflage Stripe Teen Sleeper Chair

This sharp Camouflage Stripe Teen Chair is a cool versatile piece that any teen will love. The simple comfortable chair is great for studying listening to music or talking on the phone but can be folded out into a sleeper almost as long as a twin bed to accommodate a friend who needs to stay the night. The subtle sophisticated striped cover looks great and cleans easily and the high-density non-flammable foam cushioning is soft durable and safe making this chair great not only for teen rooms at home but dorm rooms at college as well.About Fun FurnishingsFun Furnishings has been a family-owned business since it began making top-quality furniture for kids in 1993. Fun Furnishings' pieces combine bright colors kid-friendly sizes and comfortable durable materials to create chairs sofas and other units that are both enjoyable and practical. Also popular are their unique offerings for tweens teens and other kids who aren't interested in adult styles but have outgrown toddlers' sizes patterns and colors.
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