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Camouflage Twill Fuf Bean Bag Chair
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Camouflage Twill Fuf Bean Bag Chair

At first glance the Fuf Chair would appear to be a beanbag but dont be fooled! Just experience our patented foam filled Fuf Chairs and you will be certain of the difference. The secret is inside the chair. The patented foam filling engulfs one in a soothing cushion of foam. This soft long lasting material does not break down over time like the traditional bean bag.An optional liner is available. The liner contains our foam filling allowing outer cover removal for washing. If a liner is not ordered the cover cannot be removed as the zipper is locked for safety. Extra large Diameter ? 78 Circumference ? 216 Floor Space=72 x 48 x 36 TallLarge Diameter ? 48 Circumference ? 154 Floor Space=48 x 48 x 36 TallMedium Diameter ? 42 Circumference ? 136 Floor Space=42 x 42 x 34 TallSmall Diameter ? 38 Circumference ? 122 Floor Space=36 x 36 x 32 TallExtra small Diameter ? 32 Circumference ? 100 Floor Space=32 x 32 x 32 Tall
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