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Camp Chef Professional Barbecue Grill Box
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Camp Chef Professional Barbecue Grill Box

Design your own grilling system by converting your stove into a powerful barbecue grill with the Professional Barbecue Grill Box. This uniquely designed grill can be placed directly on top of your stove giving you a fast inexpensive grilling method which creates for a more flavorful cooking experience. The Professional Barbecue Grill Box is designed with a durable cast iron steel structure that has a corrosion resistant surface to prevent the grill from rusting or burning through even with frequent uses. A vented lid which has a built in thermometer is designed to help control the temperature inside the grill without having to open the grill lid and loosing any heat. The two burner reverse louvered grilling plate is specially designed to enhance the flavor of your food; by allowing the grilling surface to vaporize grease dripping and distributing heat evenly over the cooking surface.
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