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Camp Stuff Care Package
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Camp Stuff Care Package

The Camp Stuff Gift Basket is full of adorable goodies for girls ages six to 12. Specially selected to delight your favorite camper this assortment makes a great send-off present or a wonderful surprise from home midway through camp. Available in your choice of two different sizes Camp Stuff includes a personalized bookmark tag pig dynamo flashlight that doesn't require batteries a personal fan for keeping cool Games for Your Brain Bug Cards Teeny Bouncers ball lunch mail with a motivating message glow duck four mini critters a glow-in-the-dark Jelly Pal and a Bug Off wristband for non-toxic bug protection. The Funner size also comes with an autograph pillowcase to fill with friends and memories. Everything comes packaged in a charming reusable box with handles.Because gifts should be dictated by the heart rather than the calendar each of these care packages is perfect no matter what time of year. Give the traditional gift basket concept a fresh spin with this remarkable company's all-stuff no-fluff approach.
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