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Camphor Wood Chess Storage Box
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Camphor Wood Chess Storage Box

The Camphor Wood Chess Storage Box is the perfect choice if you have a prized set and no proper place to store it between games. Your chessmen deserve better than a plastic bag. Crafted from exquisite wood with rich grain and brass finish metal hardware this exquisite camphor chess box proves that you need not sacrifice style for security. It will look gorgeous on your coffee table and store all of your chess pieces safely and securely. This box measures 8.75 inches wide by 6.75 inches deep and stands four inches tall.About Wood Expressions Inc.For more than 30 years Wood Expressions has been manufacturing importing and distributing games from around the world. Their specialty is chess from traditional hand-carved hand-polished designs to novelty sets like the Elvis Presley. With a variety of different games available there is something for everyone. Wood Expressions is constantly scouring the globe for the best in board games. Dedicated to integrity honesty and professionalism this company offers quality products at excellent value and superior customer support.
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