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Can-O-Worms Composter
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Can-O-Worms Composter

If you weren't in to creepy crawlies before the Can-O-Worms Composter is pretty much guaranteed to change your mind. Made of 100% recycled plastic resin this composter is eco-friendly and will not deteriorate. Now you can turn your organic kitchen waste into useful nutrient-rich compost. This vermicomposter has a multi-level design that's easy to assemble and easy to use. You can even use it indoors or out. Just keep in mind that red wigglers are sensitive to temperatures so y our composter should not get below freezing or above 84 degrees Fahrenheit.Things to keep in mind when using your Can-O-Worms Composter:Start with moist bedding. This can be anything from shredded newspaper to peat moss but do not use manure or soil. Add some non-fatty organic kitchen waste (too much fat and protein can smell and attract rodents) and some red wiggler worms and within a few months you'll have a large amount of compost that improves soil structure and aeration and promotes healthy root development. The worms will digest the waste and bedding leaving behind nutrient rich castings to make this possible.In general 1 lb. of worms will take care of a half pound of kitchen and garden waste. It is not recommended to use fruit or citrus in your can-o-worms because peels tend to last longer and develop and odor. After your Can-O-Worms has been established you may notice the presence of other bugs such as millipedes and pill bugs. Don't worry; these bugs aid in the breakdown process! If you're allergic to molds and mildew you'll probably want to keep your Can-O-Worms outside. Molds occur naturally in compost bins and aid in the composting process. This composter can hold up to 20000 worms in 3 layers. Worms are not included.
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