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Candle Lighted Pot Rack
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Candle Lighted Pot Rack

Create a beautiful romantic atmosphere in your kitchen with the Candle Lighted Pot Rack. The incredibly beautiful scroll design of this elegant pot rack is accentuated by six candle holders. It also comes with six handy pot rack hooks to keep your kitchen tidy and impeccably organized. Also a source of subtle romantic light for your kitchen this non-electrical pot rack features an array of beautiful hand-applied finishes and matching hanging chain to complement your decor. Finish shown in image is Ash (not available at this time). Transform a regular kitchen into a romantic nook with the beautiful Candle Lighted Pot Rack. Order yours today.This pot rack has no specific weight capacity. The amount of weight a pot rack can hold depends on how it is hung from your ceiling or wall. We recommend contacting a professional in your area if you have any questions. Learn How To Hang This Pot Rack With OurPot Rack Hanging Guide
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