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Canon 12x36 IS II Image Stabilized Binoculars
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Canon 12x36 IS II Image Stabilized Binoculars

Canon 12x36 II image-stabilizer binoculars will banish image-shake forever. Not only that but despite surprisingly compact design and low weight Canon IS binos contain awesome power. Distant objects leap into view with intensity and clarity and Canon has achieved a generous 60-degree apparent field of view allowing users to see more. Doublet field-flattener lenses also deliver beautiful flat distortion-free images so you'll be surprised to see how much power is compressed into the Canon 12x36's compact-but-high-precision optics.IS Image Stabilized TechnologyYou'll also be surprised at how remarkably steady objects appear. Canon's Image Stabilization (IS) technology is so effective it will seem as if your binoculars are fixed to a rigid support. Within .002 second of being shaken off the optical axis by vibration the IS mechanism swings into action to correct the incoming light path by precisely the right amount effectively eliminating hand-shake and deliver a steady view. You can even use these binoculars from a moving vehicle and get steady views!Beautiful designNature lovers will appreciate the low-reflectance exterior and the low-gloss front covers that help avoid disturbing birds and other wildlife. The large IS button is mounted at top and center so it's easily accessible by a finger from either hand as is the large focusing knob which has a reassuringly smooth action. Durable large rubber covers over the entire objective lens assemblies provide impact resistance. The eyepieces have large rubber eyecups for comfortable easy viewing and long eye relief permits users to see the full field of view up to 14.5mm away from the eyepiece lens ideal for eyeglass-wearers.Fine featuresPowerful 12x magnificationImage Stabilizer for stable viewLightweight & compactLong 14.5mm eye-reliefDoublet field-flattener lenses for even imagesLong battery life: 4 hours of continuous operationEasy-to-grip curved surfacesOnly lead-free glass usedReputation for QualityCanon's 12x36 II Image Stabilized binoculars draw on 70 years' experience in precision optics and lens development to deliver bright high-resolution images. Canon's Super Spectra lens coatings deliver vivid high-contrast images with accurate color balance eliminating unwanted internal reflections that cause flare and image wash-out. These quality Image-Stabilized binoculars will give you a lifetime of outstanding service and you'll be able to pass them along to your grandchildren. They're that durable and they're that good.
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