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Cantlow Cross Candleholder
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Cantlow Cross Candleholder

The Cantlow Cross Candleholder consists of three decorative cross-shaped pieces in an Old West style. These distinctive candleholders are perfect for eclectic and transitional-style rooms. Crafted from metal and durable premium-quality cast resin with a Tuscan Wood and Bronze finish they stand 24 30 and 36 inches tall. Please note that candles are not included.Available in a wide variety of colors shapes and styles candlesticks and candleholders imbue your home with a warm and inviting atmosphere. They can be split up or grouped together to provide a striking and attractive focus in any room. Candelabras and candleholders are ideal for tables shelves mantels and more.Established more than 40 years ago Vintage Verandah is a family-owned importer and wholesaler of portable lighting. The company is founded on the values of quality trust and integrity. Based in Marion Ark. Vintage Verandah strives to offer a stellar customer service experience and provide premium-quality products at terrific value.
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