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Canton Bathroom Vanity
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Canton Bathroom Vanity

What We Like About the Canton Bathroom VanityThe Canton Bathroom Vanity brings classic Victorian design with golden accents to enrich your bathroom. This carved wood cabinet in walnut finish is topped with a beautiful piece of solid black granite. Antique brass sink faucet and handles add to its elegant look. The Gooseneck faucet is the standard style that ships with this vanity. It also features a textured inlay in the center of the drawers and doors which enhances its classic appeal. Three functioning drawers are cased down the middle of the unit and two additional storage areas are housed on each side of the drawers. Open up the two doors to reveal roomy spaces with a shelf in each unit. You'll be able to organize all your bathroom accessories in this stately vanity. Drain and water lines are included with this vanity.  Professional installation is recommended.
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