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Capiz Shells Inlay Accent Table
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Capiz Shells Inlay Accent Table

About the Alpaca Accent TableThe front back and stretcher of the Capiz Shells Inlay Accent Table are inlaid with cut and shaped chips of beautiful iridescent and naturally transparent shells found in the Philippine waters famously known as Capiz. A black-finish hardwood frame ensures years of use.About Ultimate Accents Inc.Ultimate Accents Inc. crafts hand painted furniture using techniques very similar to traditional 18th century techniques of using gesso paint and other surface applications. Their factories produce their own raw case pieces. Most pieces are made of medium density fiberboard with solid wood legs. It is then covered with gesso which is a kind of plaster and sanded to a smooth finish. The gesso technique creates a smooth surface for the paint application. The piece then goes to the artist who applies the primary base and hand painted design. Ultimate Accents does not use airbrushes or stencils. Lastly an application of darkening solutions and acrylic topcoats is applied that give the piece its patina and character.
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