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Capiz Star Treetopper
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Capiz Star Treetopper

The glittering Kurt S. Adler Capiz Star Treetopper looks like an oversized pristine snowflake caught by the top of your Christmas tree. A great way to complete your tree's natural theme this star treetopper beautifully complements snowflake ornaments and iridescent tinsel to create a winter wonderland effect. The clear capiz panels gleam like a diamond as they refract the light from the ten clear light bulbs.About Kurt S. Adler Inc.The story of Kurt S. Adler Inc. begins after the close of World War II when Mr. Adler tried his hand at exporting general goods. Business grew and European economies flourished so he turned his focus to importing. Ornaments were offered by the 1950s and beautiful handmade angels from East and West Germany found an enthusiastic audience in America. Adler expanded the line to glass ornaments from Czechoslovakia hanging ceiling decorations from Germany and miniature lights from Italy.The next decade Adler started importing holiday decor from the Far East. Colorful snow globes and other animated items became a collector's favorite. In the 1980s and 90s Fabriche santas nutcrackers and other collectibles were ushered in. Recent additions include animatronics fiber optic trees interactive advent calendars and synchronized musical decorations.
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