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Capresso Coffee Maker Cleaning Tablets
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Capresso Coffee Maker Cleaning Tablets

As you use your coffee machine coffee oils build up inside from grinding beans tamping and brewing under high pressure. The Capresso Cleaning Tablets are designed to remove this build-up from Capresso machines (models C1000 C1300 C1500 C2000 C3000 E8 the F Series S Series and the Z5). Make your coffee taste better while prolonging the life of your machine. These tablets are easy to use; your automatic machine will remind you after 200 cups to run a tablet cleaning cycle. Each cycle takes just 15 minutes. Choose from a pack of 6 or a pack of 25 tablets. Made in Germany.About CapressoLaunched in 1994 Capresso provides innovative coffee equipment for professionals and home users alike. In 2002 Capresso merged with Jura AG a company founded in 1931 in Switzerland. Together Jura Capresso began to introduce the finest automatic coffee centers to the U.S. market. With friendly high-tech features like one-touch operation interchangeable frothers LED displays and high-pressure brewing Jura Capresso coffee machines have quickly become leaders in the industry. Through new patented designs their machines are constantly evolving to make it a pleasure for you to create delicious coffee with ease. Jura Capresso machines are beautifully designed to look great on your countertop and are made with high-quality materials that are engineered for years of reliable performance.
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