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Capresso CoffeeTEC 471 Coffee Maker
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Capresso CoffeeTEC 471 Coffee Maker

Stylish convenient and ultra-modern the Capresso CoffeeTEC is the only digital programmable coffee maker featuring the built-in easy-to-use frothXpress system. Brew up to 10cups (50 ounces) of coffee directly into the vacuum-sealing thermal carafe and automatically froth or steam up to 32 ounces of milk with the frothXpress.Bright LED Display: Have from three to 10 cups of coffee ready when you wake up thanks to the programmable digital clock. The bright green-on-black LED display displays the time with an AM/PM indicator. For added safety the safety shut-off feature automatically turns the machine off after two hours of being powered on. Five signal lights indicate power automatic mode three- to five-cup selection and steam ready.Modern Brewing Technology: New brewing technology brews 10 cups of coffee - enough for everybody - in under eight minutes. This ultra-fast brewing process saves aroma and helps prevent bitterness. A permanent GoldTone filter is included with the safety-locking swing-out filter holder. Remove the carafe and pour a cup of coffee during the brewing process with the drip-stop feature. An electronic three- to five-cup brewing selector makes sure that smaller amounts of coffee (15 to 25 ounces) are brewed at the correct temperature. The clear-view removable 50-ounce water container is marked in convenient one-cup increments.Unbreakable Thermal Carafe: The unique vacuum-sealing design of the CoffeeTEC's thermal carafe keeps coffee hot for hours without directly applying flavor-flattening heat protecting aroma and fresh-brewed taste.frothXpress System: The frothXpress System allows you to heat and froth milk directly into your cup. Like a pump espresso machine the CoffeeTEC is equipped with a pump and a separate heating system to create hot steam. The frothXpress System works independently from the coffee brewing system so separate valves are used for brewing coffee and producing steam. Regulate milk froth and temperature by turning the knob at the front of the unit.Easy to clean and easy to use the machine's contemporary design features matte black housing with matte silver buttons. The Capresso CoffeeTEC is a beautiful low-maintenance machine you'll love to wake up to in the morning.About CapressoLaunched in 1994 Capresso provides innovative coffee equipment for professionals and home users alike. In 2002 Capresso merged with Jura AG a company founded in 1931 in Switzerland. Together Jura Capresso began to introduce the finest automatic coffee centers to the U.S. market. With friendly high-tech features like one-touch operation interchangeable frothers LED displays and high-pressure brewing Jura Capresso coffee machines have quickly become leaders in the industry. Through new patented designs their machines are constantly evolving to make it a pleasure for you to create delicious coffee with ease. Jura Capresso machines are beautifully designed to look great on your countertop and are made with high-quality materials that are engineered for years of reliable performance.
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