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Capri Round Planter
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Capri Round Planter

Great for the indoors or outside this planter will be a beautiful focal point. The gentle iris flower design adds a delicate charm to this planter. With up to a 16-inch diameter the Capri Round Planter is built to hold a variety of plants. Your favorite house plants will love being displayed in this one-of-a-kind planter.Poly foam is a foam that is injected into a mold and hardens. The outside is sprayed with a finish that is decorative or colored that is then painted for a sophisticated touch. In its complete state poly foam is very hard durable and crack resistant. This material is also very lightweight and has good insulation to keep roots warm during cooler seasons and cooler during the warmer seasons.SIZE DIMENSIONS:13 Inch Planter-13Dia x 10 1/2H Inches-Weight: 2 lbs.16 Inch Planter-16Dia x 13H Inches-Weight: 3 lbs.
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