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Captain Morgan Backboard & Bristle Dartboard Package
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Captain Morgan Backboard & Bristle Dartboard Package

Got a little Captain in your bar or game room? The Captain Morgan Backboard and Bristle Dartboard Package will bring fun and flavor to any setting. The included dartboard features a 100% staple-free bullseye and a razor-thin embedded spider so you can concentrate on execution without concern for bounce-outs. In addition to virtually eliminating bounce-outs the patented spider wire results in an extra 10% of playable surface compared to typical boards.A movable number wire extends the life of this dartboard by allowing you to rotate it as certain segments begin to show wear. This is one of our top-selling bristle dartboards. This package has the added benefit of our Captain Morgan Backboard which will work to protect your walls handsomely frame your dartboard and add personality to your bar or game room. Features of this board include: Staple-free bulls-eye for fewer bounce-outsRazor-thin wires in a fully embedded spiderRegulation-size dartboardMovable number ringHigh-grade Brazilian sisal fibers for a self-healing playing surfacePowder-coated movable number wire
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