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Captain's Leather Side Chair - 2 Chairs
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Captain's Leather Side Chair - 2 Chairs

An exquisite example of extravagance and comfort the Captain's Leather Side Chair has a handcrafted hardwood frame and soft leather seat. The back of the chair flares slightly for extra neck support. This extra-durable side chair will last you a lifetime and will receive rave reviews from your guests. About Buus Inc.Buus began in 1998 with the desire to bring Old World charm and organic living to modern homes. Inspired by the beauty and warmth of natural wood the talented team of designers and product developers at Buus take innovation to a new level. All Buus products are designed in AutoCAD before production begins to ensure optimal solutions to design and production methods. Buus products feature timeless European designs and superior quality construction to guarantee decades of beauty and function.
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