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Commander 3-foot Outdoor Storage Bench
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Commander 3-foot Outdoor Storage Bench

The Commander 3-foot Storage Bench will dazzle any setting and it will protect the items you choose to put in it. This highly durable cedar storage bench naturally repels insects and weather damage. You can select a non-glossy Clear Coat finish to delay the weathering process or leave it untreated with the Natural option to let the cedar weather naturally to silvery grey patina.This bench doubles as storage and as an extra seat. With waterproof glue epoxy-coated screws and stainless-steel hinges we are confident our Commander Storage Bench will far exceed your stringent quality standards. Simple assembly is required.What is the difference between the natural and clear coat finish?Over time and with exposure to the outdoor elements cedar will turn a lovely silver grey color as it ages. If you enjoy the fresh natural color of cedar and would like your storage bench to weather naturally you should select the Natural finish option.The Clear Coat finish is a non-glossy linseed oil-based sealer that we apply to the bench's exterior to protect it from the elements and prolong the weathering process. To allow the cedar to breathe and fully retain its natural insect-repelling properties we leave the inside of the bench untreated thus the interior of a clear-coated bench will appear slightly lighter than the outside. Clear-coated cedar will assume an attractive pale yellow color as it ages.About Cedar WoodCedar wood is lightweight and resistant to both cracking and moisture rot. The oils of this resilient wood guard against insect attack and decay and their distinctive aroma acts as a mild insect repellant. This makes cedar a long held choice for protecting delicates clothing blankets and keepsakes.Another wonderful aspect of cedar is its environmental effect - which is minimal. A renewable resource cedar wood emits low greenhouse gases. Overall cedar is a fine choice for furniture.About Cape May Box Co.David Descalzi started Cape May Box Co. in 1999 with a simple goal: to build products people could put their lives in. Cape May Box Co. produces high-quality Eastern white cedar deck boxes often customized in size and use. Storage benches cedar cushion boxes and refuse containers are all part of the lineup. Eastern white cedar is long-lasting and naturally rot-resistant; Cape May Box Co. leaves it unfinished for natural weathering or home-finishing. The result is some of the most affordable well-built indoor and outdoor storage on the market all 100 percent guaranteed.
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