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DeLonghi BCO130T Combo Espresso/Coffee Maker
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DeLonghi BCO130T Combo Espresso/Coffee Maker

The DeLonghi Combo Espresso/Coffee Maker does it all. Prepare coffee espresso and all of your favorite coffeehouse drinks with two carafes and a patented instant froth dispenser/swiveling jet steamer.Brew Coffee and Espresso Simultaneously: Brew up to four cups of espresso and ten cups of coffee separately or simultaneously in the included glass carafes.Swiveling Jet Steamer: Create an endless variety of specialty drinks with the swiveling jet steamer. After a short warm-up simply immerse the steamer wand into a cup of room-temperature milk and within seconds you have a perfect companion for your espresso. Steam milk for a delightful latte froth and steam it for a delectable cappuccino or use the wand to dispense hot water for a Cafe Americano or tea. Two separate thermostats allow you to adjust both the water and steam temperatures to your personal preferences. An adjustable pressure safety valve and steam cap ensure safe operation. Add froth directly to your coffee or cappuccino with the instant froth dispenser.Vario System and Accuflavor Selector Dials: Make every pot of coffee and every cup of espresso just the way you like it with DeLonghi's patented Vario System and Accuflavor Selector Dial. Simply turn the dial to adjust the brew strength to your personal preference.Advanced Water Filtration: To guarantee the best-tasting purest coffee possible the DeLonghi Combo Espresso/Coffee Maker is equipped with an advanced water filtration and decalcification system. The automatic decalcification indicator light illuminates to let you know when it's time to clean the machine.Additional Features: Enjoy a cup before the pot is done brewing with the convenient drip interrupt feature. The easy-to-read digital clock/timer is programmable down to the minute - have a full pot of coffee ready by the time you wake up! Prevent overheating of smaller quantities of coffee with the 5-10 cup option. After it's brewed keep your coffee hot on the warming plate. A permanent gold-tone coffee filter is included eliminating waste and minimizing cleanup and the water tank is removable for convenient filling right at the sink.The DeLonghi Combo Espresso/Coffee Maker was designed and engineered in Italy. Each machine also features a standard one-year manufacturer's warranty and an attractive modern design will that fit into any kitchen making it a dependable and beautiful choice for the coffee lovers in your life.
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