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Fanci-Free Whimsical Flower Print Diaper Bag
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Fanci-Free Whimsical Flower Print Diaper Bag

Whimsical Flower Print Diaper Bag from Fanci-FreeThis amazing bag is large size to carry everything you need for your baby yet weighs practically nothing.  There are 3 interior pockets to help organize and separate. Center section secures with a zipper the two outer pockets shut with double snaps.  The material is made of durable lightweight water-resistant satin nylon and easily wipes clean.  Dual adjustable straps change from 7 up to 21 inches to allow you to fit for your size or adjust for the moment.  One exterior zippered pocket for fast access to what you need. Two large mesh pockets inside hold bottles or sippy cups pacifiers toys helps to keep where you need for quick access.  You'll love this feature built into the top is a fixed holder for your cell phone or 3M player with a snap flap to keep secure.  Imagine the peace of mind knowing you'll have the fastest access to your phone when it rings.  A carabiner clip inside is a snap to attach your keys where you'll be able to find in a flash.  The included changing pad not only matches the fabric it duals as storage too with several pouches on the reverse side to store diapers and wipes. This bag comes with these additional items: a changing pad clear zip wet/dry bag reversible cosmetic or medicine pouch a pouch to use as a wallet or organizer with wrist strap and key fob. What you'll love most about this bag is how light it is. This is the All-In-One bag that will make you and your baby's life a little easier.  You know you have a quality made product with the Fanci-Free label.The Whimsical Flower Print is a black background with fun pink and green flowers throughout with touches of blue and red with lime green webbing. A magenta lining. Matching are the two magenta and black striped adjustable straps with metal eyelets to add to the overall look. The included pieces are made with the same matching fabric.Features of this diaper bag:Water resistant nylon fabric Extremely light weight at less than 1 lbSpot cleans with mild detergent and water3 main pockets plus interior and exterior2 webbed pockets inside2 Adjustable handles go from 7 to 21 inchesSecure extra cell phone holder on the top for easy accessWallet and organizer with wrist strap and key fobReversible cosmetic or medicine pouchComfy change pad with reversible storage pocketsClear zip wet or dry pouchCarabiner key clipFanci-Free label
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