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Fire and Ice Fountain Fire Pit with Optional Planter
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Fire and Ice Fountain Fire Pit with Optional Planter

This striking piece of outdoor art combines the fundamental elements of fire and water to create an intriguing accent for your patio. The Fire and Ice Fountain Firebowl with Optional Planter features a wide-mouthed firebowl on top of a stone-like fountain base. Water flows from the base of the bowl trickles down the textured facade narrows and pools in the base. When you're not using the top as a fire pit you can place the matching planter (included) on top of the bowl to create an attractive plant stand. Both the fire pit and the planter will bring a fresh vitality to your patio or pool area.This outdoor fire pit is constructed from a steel frame encased by a fire-retardant inorganic material or magnesium composite which gives it a realistic finish. These versatile materials can withstand temperatures ranging from 400-800 degrees Fahrenheit. The burners are made from stainless steel and sensitive components such as the igniter pin and thermocouple are protected in a stainless steel enclosure. Generous amounts of lava rock are included to cover the fire ring which displaces the gas and gives the flames a realistic look.Unlike wood-burning fire pits this gas fire pit burns cleanly and efficiently and it's very easy to use. It uses a standard 20-pound liquid propane gas tank. It's designed to allow the tank to be placed inside of the unit keeping it out of sight. The internal plumbing and wiring utilize proven technologies such as electronic igniters thermocouple gas regulator gas valve and gas flow control. Lighting instructions are printed directly on the control panel for users to easily view. An aluminum burner control easily adjusts the flame height. The push-button igniter operates on one AAA battery (included). This fire pit fountain comes with a custom-fit vinyl cover which keeps it protected from the elements when not in use.About BondBond Manufacturing began operations as an importer of bamboo product over 50 years ago. While this heritage still remains a part of their business today Bond has transformed over the years into a leader within the outdoor consumer products category. Bond has earned its trust by always fully standing behind every product and program they present. Through efficient and cost-effective production they offer the balance of quality and value. Bond is committed to bringing you the very best in quality service value and innovation.
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