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Forever Green Art  Preserved Bonsai
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Forever Green Art Preserved Bonsai

Amaze your friends with your patience artistry and skill without actually possessing any of the three! Grown in the earth from a seedling the Forever Green Art Single Monterey Bonsai is a real juniper plant hand-sculpted by trained artisans into a beautiful single mound bonsai tree. It has been carefully preserved to capture the plant's color fragrance and texture then placed in a low black-glazed ceramic pot filled with real rocks and moss. This completely maintenance-free plant needs no soil water or sunlight to stay healthy and beautiful. Non-toxic chemicals were used in the preservation process so the plant is pet and child safe.About Forever Green ArtForever Green Art has been preserving and distributing trees and plants to designers throughout the world since 1995. The company's classic topiaries natural junipers bonsai eucalyptus palm trees and floral arrangements are not silk but real earth-grown plants that have been carefully preserved. After growing for three to eight years in Southern California nurseries each tree plant or flower is preserved with non-toxic chemicals to maintain its natural shape color and fragrance. Skilled artisans trim sculpt and arrange the plants into maintenance-free works of art that will last for years. Since these arrangements require no sun soil or water they are the perfect no-fuss accent for your home or business.
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