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Goose Rocks Designs 12 Inch Frosty Snowman Glass Wind Chime
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Goose Rocks Designs 12 Inch Frosty Snowman Glass Wind Chime

The Frosty Snowman Glass Wind Chime will make a cheerful accent in your home during the cool months of the year. The hand-crafted glass pieces connect to make a smiling snowman with a red top hat. Additional glass squares create the semblance of snow and dirt surrounding the snowman. While suspended from the durable PVC frame these 28 glass pieces clink against one another creating delicate musical tones.Read more about Goose Rocks DesignsIn 1995 a friend suggested Goose Rocks Designs try selling their mobiles made of driftwood shells and beach glass. After getting an enthusiastic response they decided to turn passion into livelihood and almost immediately began the shift toward glass to delight both the ears and the eyes. Now Goose Rocks Designs develops handcrafted glass wind chimes that bring sound and color to life.Goose Rocks Designs begins their second decade making glass chimes in a small Maine town firmly committed to providing unique designs in reasonably priced American made handcrafts and backing these chimes with the attention to detail that only a small family owned company can provide.Goose Rocks Designs frost and polish the frames and glass in their chimes using a 48-hour process they developed which creates a unique luster that complements their fresh contemporary designs.The chimes may be hung outdoors although we advise placing chimes with wooden frames in a sheltered area. The glass in the chimes is durable under normal weather conditions. In extreme weather and high winds chimes should be moved to a protected location. The line used to string the chimes is made from a woven polyethylene designed to withstand years of UV exposure and each chime is shipped in a corrugated box packed in water-soluble biodegradable material made from vegetable starch. A brass cup hook is included in every box.Wind Chime Length: The length of a wind chime is measured by the overall length of the chime (not tube length)- hanging hook to the end of the sail. This wind chime is 12 inches long overall.
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