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HotSeat Racer GT XBOX 360 Package
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HotSeat Racer GT XBOX 360 Package

State-of-the-art design incredible audio quality and the ultra-realistic tactile features of the award-winning Racer GT game chair are combined with a Microsoft True Force-Feedback wheel/pedal set a Microsoft Xbox 360 Premium game system and the Force-Feedback edition of Project Gotham 3 to create the HotSeat Racer GT Xbox 360 Package. Durable welded steel tubing high-grade aluminum a fully adjustable sliding seat and a swing-away racing console form a chassis that puts you in the traditional racecar seating position from the pedal to the wheel.Powder-Coated Steel/Aluminum Construction: From in-home gaming to stadium-size conventions each HotSeat Racer GT is made to withstand the most extreme conditions. The frame is built to last from powder-coated welded steel tubing and high-grade aluminum and folds up for easy storage or transport.Swing-Away Racing Console and Pedal Mounting: The Racer GT Xbox 360 Package includes a standard swing-away racing console and welded steel pedal mounting system for lifelike pedal placement.Wireless-Connect Microsoft True Force-Feedback Wheel and Pedals: Hold on tight! The Microsoft True Force-Feedback wheel makes racing simulation come alive through unparalleled technology intuitive ergonomics and sleek design. Dual rumble motors and powerful high-quality force feedback realistically replicate the yanks and shudders that a racecar driver experiences tearing around the track. A memory card slot live guide button and headset input complete the wheel. Both premium Xbox pedals provide independent tension that authentically simulates acceleration and braking. The real-world automotive design creates a genuine racing experience and Microsoft's wireless connectivity guarantees effortless installation.Fully Adjustable Sliding Seat: HotSeat's patented sliding mechanism adjusts legroom and seat tilt on the fly to comfortably fit gamers from 36 to 66 inches (three feet to six feet six inches) tall. In addition to increasing comfort and realism the updated seat design also makes it easier to get in and out of the car.High-Powered Digital Surround Sound: Five speakers and a booming under-seat subwoofer create the kind of all-over full-immersion audio usually only found in arcades. The entire 5.1 Dolby Digital/DTS system is magnetically shielded to protect delicate LCD monitors and magnetic media while the subwoofer's sturdy wooden enclosure markedly enhances solid bass performance. A fully featured remote control allows you to make individual channel adjustments and input selections. The HotSeat's sound system supports up to three input devices (TV DVD VCR CD or even MP3 players) via three convenient audio inputs.Microsoft Xbox Premium Bundle with Project Gotham 3: Get racing right out of the box with the Microsoft Xbox 360 Premium bundle which combines the classic Xbox 360 with a wireless controller headset microphone 20GB hard drive and high-definition video cables for a true HD gaming experience. More than just a cutting-edge game system the Xbox 360 also supports CD/DVD playback digital music photos and online connectivity into a small sleek tower design. The HotSeat Racer GT Xbox 360 Package also includes a free 90-day membership to Xbox Live Gold. If you already have Internet access and a router at home you can connect your Xbox-equipped HotSeat to the Internet to download gaming content connect with friends or play online! Project Gotham 3 - Force-Feedback Edition is a next-generation simulation game with almost 200 cars and dozens of track combinations for versatile ultra-realistic races. A built-in power strip color-coded cables mounting brackets and LED indicators make A/V and gaming system installation a snap.Easy-Fold Frame: When you need to store or move your HotSeat simply tip the frame on its side and fold the seat down. The compact clamshell shape is easy to carry or stow away.Available in your choice of colors the HotSeat Racer GT Xbox 360 Package measures 56L x 25.5W x 42H inches weighs 70 pounds and includes a one-year manufacturer's warranty.
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