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8-Foot DMI GoalFlex Air Hockey
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8-Foot DMI GoalFlex Air Hockey

The 8-Foot DMI GoalFlex Air Hockey Table is the world's only high-tech hockey table with 180 game variations. Motion-sensing detectors with bright LED goal indicators allow goals to move adjust in size or separate in two. The table which has full aluminum rails dual blower motors and a full 11-inch apron assembles in minutes. The side scoring display will keep you in touch with the action at all times and the oversized table gives you that commercial arcade feel in the comfort of your own home. Air hockey will never be the same after playing with the GoalFlex! The table's dimensions are 96L x 50W x 33H inches. Includes two pucks and two pushers. Goal Flex 180 Instead of standard immovable goal slots Goal Flex 180 uses motion-detecting LED light bars to set goal sizes by player and much much more. This allows players to play a traditional game or customize each game by selecting other interactive features. Since there are no goal slots the puck never leaves the play surface allowing for the option of continuous fast paced pay or solo play.The fully programmable computer inside the easy-to-use console unit is capable of running more than 180 game variations so now players can program goals to change size move during play even adjust for power plays! Goals can even split in two for 2-on-1 and 2-on-2 play.With motion-detecting LED lights moving goals fun sound effects and many other advanced capabilities Goal Flex 180 is the ultimate air hockey table. 
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