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Dale Tiffany 10250/958 Cinzano Table Lamp
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Dale Tiffany 10250/958 Cinzano Table Lamp

The distinctive style and highest quality standards of Tiffany lamps are core components of the Cinzano Table Lamp. Its superbly colored glass shade shines with a vintage advertisement of the classic vermouth a wonderful nod to Cinzano's history as the first product to be promoted with neon light. The metal base rests sturdily and the antique brass finish plays wonderfully off the lamp's soft light. The attention to detail and gorgeous glasswork of the Cinzano Table Lamp are characteristic of Dale Tiffany which has captured the timeless taste and skill of America's favorite designers. The exotic glass colors and textures are the very same that populate museums exhibits and auction houses making Dale Tiffany the standard of craftsmanship. The perfect fixture for rec rooms offices and more the Cinzano Table Lamp shines with quality and sophistication.
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