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General Cage 200 Series Black Dog Crate
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General Cage 200 Series Black Dog Crate

Offering the same fold-down convenience features as the standard model the side-door option on this crate allows you to keep the cage in a living area without it being in an awkward position. It's become particularly popular with van and SUV owners. And with its attractive black epoxy finish it is a favorite with stylish homeowners as well. The door itself is strategically positioned on the longest side of the cage rather than on the short end. This ensures that the cage can be placed in areas with little or no depth and the door can still be opened without having to maneuver the cage. When space is limited the side-door model has unlimited appeal.Sizes: Extra Small: 17.25W x 24L x 20H inches weight: 19 lbs.Small: 21.25W x 30L x 24H inches weight: 30 lbs.Medium: 23.25W x 35.5L x 26.5H inches weight: 36 lbs.Large: 26.5W x 42L x 30H inches weight: 45 lbs.Extra Large: 28W x 48L x 36H inches weight: 63 lbs.
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