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General Cage Puppy Playpen
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General Cage Puppy Playpen

The Puppy Playpens are designed for long life and easy cleaning. The playpen keeps your puppies safe and secure and is loved by breeders and pet owners alike. The Deluxe Puppy Playpen features an enclosed top and a side door. The yellow zinc dichromate gives it its distinctive gold look and the pin features a brown epoxy grate for easy cleaning. The Deluxe Playpen folds for easy portability and comes with two pans.The 513 Playpen is also perfect for puppies! This small zinc-plated Playpen can be set up outdoors or inside and its mesh floor allows droppings to pass through onto leak-proof galvanized pans for easy and quick cleaning. The 513 Puppy Playpen does not have a door however an optional matching top is available.
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