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11 Game 4' Pockey Table
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11 Game 4' Pockey Table

What We Like About The 11 Game 4-Foot Pockey TableThis is the ultimate in game tables. With one purchase you can enjoy up to 11 entirely different activities. A great choice for large families or people who entertain. You're sure to find something for everyone!Billiards:Play field: Non-slate playing surface features nylon cloth rubber bumpers and drop pocketsAir Hockey:Play field: Manual scoring systemGlossy white playing surface resembles a hockey rink Additional features:2 pool cues complete billiards set triangle chalk2 ping pong paddles net and ballsChess set checkers pieces cards dominoes4 rings 4 horse shoes 2 polesbasketball basketball hoopAir hockey pushers and pucksBackgammon
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