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Slender Tiffany Prelit Christmas Tree
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Slender Tiffany Prelit Christmas Tree

What We Like About This TreeBring the magic of Christmas right to your home with the exceptionally elegant Slender Tiffany Prelit Christmas Tree. Featuring an abundance of down-swept branches with short and long needles this dense tree has a medium forest green color with mixed medium and dark green tips. Since its branches begin at floor level its base is virtually hidden giving it a lush slender and realistic look.This beautiful prelit tree is exquisitely illuminated with perfectly strung bright twist-proof lights that will stay lit even under the harshest conditions. Its secure light lock feature ensures that even if one light goes out the rest remain lit. The Tiffany boasts fade and crush proof poly-vinyl needles that have an extra-thick ply to keep their shape year after year.This tree is fire and allergy resistant and comes with its own sturdy folding metal stand. Easy to assemble with hinged-branch construction this tree's heavy-duty wire branches can easily support all your cherished Christmas ornaments. This prelit tree is not intended for outdoor use. Each tree carries a warranty of 10 years with lights at 3 years.
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