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Hillsdale Merlot Bakers Rack
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Hillsdale Merlot Bakers Rack

Harvest some autumn elegance with the Merlot Bakers Rack. This metal rack has an antique green gold finish and features a scroll-decorated frame with a grape-leaf-and-vine motif around the front and on top. With a total of four shelves you have plenty of storage options. The main countertop is made of wood with a natural finish and has a smooth curved ridge. Open wire shelving lets you create a stunning display of items. This rack provides ideal storage for everything from books to plants to pots and pans. Try this rack in a hallway or on the patio - you'll be surprised by the possibilities! Shelf dimensions:Top shelf: 33.5W x 17D inchesSecond shelf: 33.5W x 17D inchesMain shelf: 33.5W x 9.5D inchesBottom shelf: 33.5W x 7.5D inchesSpace between shelves: Top shelf to second shelf: 12 inchesSecond shelf to main shelf: 15.25 inchesMain shelf to bottom shelf: 21.75 inchesBottom shelf to the floor: 5.5 inchesAbout Hillsdale FurnitureLocated in Louisville Ky. Hillsdale Furniture is a leader in top-quality affordable bedroom furniture. Since 1994 Hillsdale has combined the talents of nationally recognized designers and globally accredited factories to bring you furniture style and design from around the globe. Hillsdale combines the best in finishes materials and designs to bring both beauty and value with every piece. The combination of top-quality metal wood stone and leather has given Hillsdale the reputation for leading-edge style and concepts.
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