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Berkshire Jewelry Box
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Berkshire Jewelry Box

The Berkshire Jewelry has a traditional elegant look with a scalloped base and column-like styling. Durable wood construction a rich cherry finish ivory suede fabric lining and gold-tone drawer pulls make this the ideal gift& or the ideal addition to your own dressing room table.Beneath the lid of this jewelry box is an adjustable mirror which can be slid into various positions to aid in attaching earrings or hooking necklaces. On either side of the mirror are three hooks for necklaces with shirred catch pockets to keep the ends contained. For extra necklace storage there are twin swing-out compartments on the sides of the box with catch edges and five necklace hooks in each.The top level has a ring roll with four small compartments behind it ideal for favorite pendants or earrings and one larger compartment on each side for bracelets or watches. There are three full-size and two half-size pull-out drawers. This box measures 14W x 8L x 12H inches.
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