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Red Sea MAX Complete Reef System
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Red Sea MAX Complete Reef System

Red Sea MAX Complete Reef System  The 34-gallon Red Sea MAX Complete Reef System combines all of the technology necessary to grow and maintain a healthy reef in an elegant aquarium. This technology allows aquarists to focus on the joy and beauty of the hobby rather than on component selection and installation. Optimal lighting filtration temperature and circulation makes reef keeping easier than ever before and ensures maximum success for aquarists at all levels. Contained within this aquarium's elegant rounded-corner glass tank is all the technology and components you need to grow and maintain a healthy reef at home.  Optimal lighting filtration temperature and circulation recreate the conditions that delicate reef inhabitant saltwater fish corals and invertebrates need in order to thrive and ensure you long-term sustainability and success. With the Red Sea MAX you will enjoy aqua-scaping your aquarium choosing your livestock and growing the reef of your dreams. Additional featuresSkimmer volume is 1 gallonCollection cup volume is .4 gallons2 circulation pumps process 145 gph5-outlet power centerRemovable inlet grill with adjustable shutter for surface skimming2 stage (course/fine) mechanical filter spongesProfessional turbo protein skimmer driven by a 320 gph pumpCompartment for chiller pumpAccess panel for chiller inlet/outlet tubesThermostat-controlled heaterHighly porous ceramic biological filter mediaActivated carbon chemical filter mediaTwin circulation pumps with adjustable direction outletsTwo 55 watt T5 power compacts (1 watt-liter/4 watt-gallon)10000K/Actinic lightingElectronic ballastHigh polish textured aluminum reflectorBlue LED moonlightsFan-cooled hood for extended life of electronic componentsHigh transparency polished lensVariety of colors availableStarter kit sold separately
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