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Huggets the Monkey Wraparound Puppet
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Huggets the Monkey Wraparound Puppet

About Manhattan ToyThis toy manufacturer and distributer is known for its creative output as well as reliable and durable toys. Focusing primarily on hand and finger puppets Manhattan Toy directs its products towards fostering a creative impulse among children just beginning to express thoughts and feelings.Manhattan Toy has an emphasis on safety that is unparalleled. Each toy passes a rigorous test to meet international standards for children's products. Regularly designers revisit older products to make sure they are current on safety requirements. In addition to the U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and the European Union (EN71) Manhattan adheres to voluntary standards that go beyond national agency safety points. To ensure accountability an independent third-party accredited toy testing lab is employed.Manhattan Toy is so dedicated to its commitment to quality and safety it encourages customers to pursue information for themselves at the following websites:Toy Industry Association: www.toy-tia.orgAmerican Society for Testing and Materials: www.ASTM.org
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