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Human Touch HT-1650 Massage Chair-Dark Chocolate
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Human Touch HT-1650 Massage Chair-Dark Chocolate

Featuring the very latest Robotic Massage system the Human Touch HT-1650 Massage Chair emulates the same techniques used by massage and chiropractic professionals for back and spinal care. Heater panels pamper and prepare sore muscles while Acupoint Detection automatically locates acupressure points for precise personally-tuned massage mapping. State-of-the-art Massage Comfort Number technology -- built directly into the upholstery -- provides user-controlled comfort through massage intensity positioning and style adjustments.Neck and lumbar support pillows vibrating arm and leg rests and voice response activation are among the many luxurious features that complete the HT-1650 which is expertly finished in double top-stitched leather complemented by hardwood trim.Additional FeaturesOnly true robotic massage chair that provides fully retractable foot/calf massage as well as leg rest supportThree-dimension two-sided remote control with session timer displayEight automatic massage programs in addition to extensive manual settings allow maximum Human Touch customizationSoft Window allows Human Touch Robot to effectively relieve tense neck and shouldersElectrical cord length varies by chair but minimum length is 72 inches
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