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Hummingbird Bird Bath
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Hummingbird Bird Bath

Always a magical sight hummingbirds have a loyal following. This bath celebrates your favorite type of bird while attracting others in your neighborhood. Cast aluminum bowl features wide textured lip with hummers feeding from opened blooms. A pair of decoy birds wait for others to alight. The wide lip and shallow bowl of the bath encourages feathered neighbors to stop by and refresh as do the three dimensional birds resting on the edge.The textured bowl offers birds many surfaces to rub against and clean up with. Celebrating fascinating flight and flowers the stand and base continues the decorative theme. Decorated column rises from a rounded circular base to support the bowl. Assembly is simple and requires only two tools: a Phillips screwdriver and a wrench. Fastening hardware is stainless steel. Estimated time of assembly is 30 minutes.Antique Bronze Shown Above.
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