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Hummingbird Haven Park Bench
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Hummingbird Haven Park Bench

The Hummingbird Haven Park Bench makes simple stately beauty available for your outdoor setting. This classically styled bench features an eye-catching arch that crowns the backrest and frames an airy pattern of vertical wood slats. The long wood slats that make up the seat are arranged to fit the contours of your body.This piece is crafted of natural wood and cast iron to bring lasting beauty to any outdoor setting. The cast iron which makes up the scrolling armrests and legs of this bench is finished in black. It also features a clear weather-protective sealant. For maintenance depending on the amount of moisture and weather exposure this bench receives you will will need to periodically re-coat this protective sealant. Seat dimensions are 47L X 13D inches. This bench does NOT have pre-drilled holes for mounting it to a surface.
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